Depression...Why is there so much depression?

There are multiple sources of depression. Drug treatment for various ailments are frequently accompanied by depression. When pharmaceutical companies advertise their products, they often list depression as a side effect. Regardless of whether they tell you or not, putting a foreign substance in your body, that it does not recognize as a natural compound, will have some kind of rejection factor.

Another major cause is found in food. Most processed foods contain excitotoxins. MSG (monosodium glutamate) is the one most people are familiar with but not aware of what it can do to them. Nearly all flavor enhancers and their are dozens of them, cause neurological disruption of one sort or another. That is why it is important to avoid all processed foods. 

Herbicides and pesticides that are normally sprayed on agricultural products are known causes of neurological disorders. Washing produce does not always remove them. Adding vinegar to the produce wash does a good job of removing pesticide residue. Unfortunately, these substances are absorbed by the plants root system and contaminate the product to one degree or another.

Heavy metal exposure from vaccinations, food contamination, water, dental amalgam fillings and many environmental sources also result in neurological damage on a cellular level and can alter DNA. All these toxins are passed on to babies. That is why the health of pregnant mothers is so crucial.

One of the little known causes of depression is EMF exposure. We are bombarded daily by Electromagnetic Frequencies from electronic devices that have become a mainstay of our modern lifestyles. Every function of the human body is governed and otherwise controlled by electrical impulses, mostly involuntary. Our body chemistry is largely water which conducts these instructions from the brain. Water, as we know, is a good conductor, but we also know that what goes into our body is processed for energy production. Some of  what is dissolved in that process remains and so we are largely composed of an electrolyte solution that interacts with brain chemistry (a separate and distinct solution) and along with our spiritual makeup, makes us the unique individuals we are. No two people are exactly alike, because we are a product of what goes into our bodies. (We are what we eat and drink.) Of course, it is not quite that simple, because of what we inherit from our parents. Their DNA, their gene load and much of your lifestyle comes from what you learned from them and even from what they consumed through their lifetime. So we are not a blank slate from birth, but we do have the privilege of choosing to be a receptacle of things that make us healthy in body and mind. We have the stuff of God in us, since we are created in His image. Therefore, in a very real sense, it is our responsibility to honor the body and mind God gave us. I said all that to say that EVERYTHING that is in us and surrounds us and passes through our environment has an effect, either positive or negative. EMF's can disrupt our body chemistry and thus can have a negative effect on our well being. The degree to which it effects us depends on the chemistry of our battery. 

Solutions to Depression

Some of these have already been laid out, such as avoiding processed foods, but let me suggest a few more...

Try alternative treatments for whatever ails you. Drugs are not designed to heal but to cover symptoms. Most natural solutions are adaptogenic. That is, they are not targeted the way most drugs are to treat specific symptoms, therefore, they work by improving your own immune response to illness. So they do not produce a quick recovery in many cases. They are superior, never-the-less, because the net result of the proper natural treatment is a healthier body that is more resistant to future infections. 

Buy organic food whenever possible. Farmers markets are places where you can question the producer to find out if he uses pesticides or whether his chickens and eggs are free range or if beef and pork are grass fed. Often his products cost about the same as in stores, but remember such markets are not yard sales where you can find cheap stuff. A farmer who uses clean, sustainable, agricultural practices is worth his weight in gold, because what he does is provide a healthy alternative to pesticide poisoned food at the supermarket. Even better, raise an organic garden. Avoid all Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's). They have been associated with numerous health problems, including allergies, birth defects, digestive issues, etc.

Vaccinations are a poor substitute for a healthy immune system. I am not saying they don't work but unfortunately nearly all vaccines contain heavy metal adjuvants, which can be more damaging than what you are trying to prevent. Build a healthy immune system with good clean food and most of life's common ailments will not be a problem. If you have mercury contaminated fillings (amalgams) in your teeth, replace them. They are making you sick. Reduce some of the commonly consumed foods that do not contribute to health and well being...namely processed sugar, flour products, dairy, (unless it is raw) and unhealthy fats (all hydrogenated oils, corn and soybean oils, canola and safflower oils) When you do this, you will see how contaminated our food supply is. 

EFT  (Emotional Freedom Technique) is one of those weird ways to combat depression, but it works, so look it up, learn how to use it.  It is not difficult and it is free.

Finally, you need to find ways to eliminate your EMF exposure. Removal of wireless devices from your environment is best, but short of that, limit it, provide distance from it and discharge regularly. Working bare handed in a garden, going barefoot on a beach or in contact with clean soil or grass for a while each day works by absorbing negative ions, and shedding a normally acidic (positive ions) body chemistry.

I am not a doctor and have no degrees to add to the credulity of this advice. It is anecdotal, but not a mere product of experience. I have studied for over 30 years what makes us sick and what makes us healthy, but don't take my advice only. We have a marvelous tool in the internet to research these things, so I advise you to follow up with your own study.        

Deep Tissue massage is another tool in the natural therapy toolbox that mainstream medicine typically ignores!

Massage can do much more than promote relaxation, though stress is a common problem in today's fast-paced economy.  Deep Tissue Massage is often used to treat chronic pain without drugs or surgery. Can it be used instead of invasive surgery, in many cases.  The answer is "yes", though most massage therapists will be reluctant to say that, because of the medical establishment's aggressive posture against anything outside of common drug or surgery treatments. See how it works.

     It is not the purpose of this website merely to trash modern  medicine. It is rather to point out some serious flaws in most doctor's  "business as usual" approach to the treatment of illness in their fellow man.

     In the eyes of God, all men are equal, because they are created in His image, and endowed with a God given ability to shape their own destiny. Part of that image is a spiritual component, which is immortal and thus should be given priority of care and treatment.  This is addressed here because neglect of our spiritual component is the root of most physical and emotional problems.  Just as our bodies require food, so do our spirits.

     Abundance, well being, peace, love, passion and compasssion all spring from the well of spirituality.  If you want any of these things, take care of those needs first and then take care of the body, which is the temporary home of the spirit.

     While we are in the body, the mind, body and spirit are inexorably connected.  So everything we ingest effects not only our physical body but the mind and spirit as well. To demonstrate...constant overeating results in obesity, which causes deterioration of health which results in lower self esteem, resentment of slim and handsome people, and general unhappiness (which, of course is spiritual). 

     The ancients recognized this and attempted to achieve happiness and health through worship and appeasement of the gods. They did achieve a degree of both; first by acknowledgement of a power higher than themselves and devotion itself enhances well being. Secondly, they used aromatics in the form of essential oils and inscence. They found that certain essences produced feelings of health and well being.  Records, dating back to 4500 BC describe the use of balsamic substances, with aromatic properties for religious rituals and medicinal properties.

     Ancient manuscripts and hieroglyphics reveal a greater understanding of natural substances than we have today. The Grand Visier and architect of King Djoser, (2780-2720 BC) Imhotep developed the use of numerous oils, herbs and aromatic plants in the treatment of common maladies.

     Although the credit is given to Hippocrates for being the father of medicine, his knowledge came from the school of Cos and the cities of the Nile. Egyptian papyri and hieroglyphs reveal the blending of oils for medicinal purposes. One papyrus found in the temple of Edfu contained numerous recipes used by alchemists and priests. King Tuts tomb was found to contain 50 alabaster jars that once were vessels of 350 liters each of precious essential oils. Many such oils were so rare and precious as to be valued far above gold and jewels.

We are relearning many of the secrets of health and well being that have been lost to the modern world. However, new layers of technological, moral and economic issues have hindered and even completely blocked our learning. For example, the oxymoron "junk food" label should not even exist, but it does because of these issues that are holding back progress. What we eat must be food. If it is junk, it should not be eaten. Junk food does exist because some people, who have almost no concept of moral responsibility, are using chemical technologies to invent stuff that tastes like food or enhance the taste of cheap agricultural products and market them for profits. An industry of grocery products support the fast food (mostly junk food) industry and a  host of corporate entities want to get in on the gravy. The whole idea of fast food promotes food that is nearly vacant of nutrition.  Produce that is raised in soils stripped of essential minerals by using only three (nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus) supplements to make them look good, is picked before reaching it's nutrient density and shipped all over the country. It is then processed and packaged for quick preparation. It may be purchased and blended with other similar products and microwaved (which destroys the enzymes the body needs to digest and assimilate nutrients) and finally consumed.

All of this is an oversimplification, but it is only the tip of the iceberg.  It does not factor in the dousing with chemical pesticides or the addition of chemical dyes and preservatives inherant in modern production methods.  The entire medical establishment has been corrupted by teaching that eating food like this will sustain health.  It is a lie!  So they compound the problem by going back to the laboratory to synthesize chemicals that will treat the symptoms of disease created by the stuff they call food.

Genetically modified produce adds another layer of hazard to an already corrupted food supply. The unknown long term effect of such organisms inhabiting our gut may contaminate our immune system with bacteria we are unaware of and consequences of disastrous proportion. We should be reminded that the plague in the dark ages that killed millions in Europe...60% of the population of London in the mid 1300's, were taken by the Black Plague.  While we don't have all the information we would like to have about that catastrophe, it is clear from autopsies that most of it's victims were malnourished. This was likely a result of a famine that preceded the onslaught of what has been identified as the Bubonic Plague and mutated to the Pneumonic Plague. A food supply that is contaminated to the extent that ours is, having very little nutritional value, could be the same kind of a precursor to a pandemic. There is evidence that something is weakening immune systems in the U.S. and numerous third world countries. The number of chronic diseases affecting Americans is on the upswing...diseases lake cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer's, neurological disorders like autism, ADD, and ADHD. 

     Research Foundations 

      There are a lot of foundations asking for your money and support regarding dreaded diseases and the discovery of their cures. Such efforts are considered to be noble and definitely not self-serving.  Unfortunately, this is not often the case.  Most of these foundations are supported and partly funded by drug companies or other elements of the medical establishment.  While that does not sound like a problem, it is...because drug companies are not altruistic, they are opportunistic. The effort to find a cure is focused on one thing...a drug cure. The argument is made that all cures come from drugs and that it takes a lot of money to find, test, get FDA approval and market such medicines.  However, these foundations have such tunnel-vision that they routinely ignore or purposely shelve promising natural substances because they cannot be synthesized and thus cannot be patented. 

     It is true that many drugs marketed today are plant based. What has occurred, however, is that plant derivatives were divided and the component determined to have the most efficacy was isolated and synthesized, then patented, tested and marketed. The FDA certifies it's limited safety and drug companies charge huge prices to sick customers, who get a degree of relief, but ultimately get sicker from what is known as a side effect, but is really another ailment caused by the human body's rejection of a substance it does not recognize as belonging in the body. As these foreign substances accumulate in the body's tissue, the energy required to trap and destroy a foreign substance that cannot be destroyed, takes a toll on kidneys, digestion and the immune system , to name a few of the problems caused.  A plant is not a single substance. The presence of many constituents is not accidental or without specific purpose. The totality of a plant compound is what makes it effective in it's God given role. Therefore a PURE DERIVATIVE, (essential oil) without dilution ar adulteration is what contains the life force of the plant. Every process that changes it, diminishes or destroys it.

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What God made is far superior to man-made drug treatments. Natural plant based compounds have been used since mankind was kicked out of Eden (which was a place of perfection, where no healing was needed).  There are few side effects from herbs, oils and plant extracts. Drugs do interfere with their efficacy and combining them with natural substances can cause problems, in some cases.  However, it is rare or almost non-existent for essential oils, vitamins, minerals, herbs or organic foods to result in death; and it is commonplace among the myriads of drugs, OTC or prescription, that are properly taken, which result in fatalities. If you are concerned about your health, you will avoid all pharmaceuticals and rely on naturopathics.  Your first line of defense should be found in clean, organic food. Let food be your medicine.

To further illustrate this...The Human Genome Project (HGP) expected to find a large percentage of our health problems were related to genetics. It turned out that was not the case. Doctors are familiar with the findings that only around 10% are responsible for a so-called propensity to develop cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc., but still the medical field blames our parents for the existence of these illnesses. The research tells a far different story. "The HGP discovered that genetics are only responsible for only about 10 percent of human disease.  The rest—90 percent—are induced by environmental factors. Now we're coming to realize that your microbiome is actually a driver of genetic expression, turning genes on and off depending on which microbes are present. "The gut microbiome is 99 percent of the DNA in your body, and it is highly responsive and changeable based upon lifestyle choices, most importantly our food choices," (Neurologist,Dr.David Perlmutter)

Illustration of good bacteria on the left, bad on the right.

Eat foods that are rich in prebiotics to enhance the growth of good bacteria or take a good probiotic supplement.

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