Leviticus 17:11 says "Life is in the blood".

Of course, this had reference to blood sacrifices that were for atonement, but it also speaks of  a bit of physical wisdom that identifies the essence of blood to health and longevity. In other words, the key to a healthy, disease free life, is in the bloodSee the series called "Opt out of cancer".  Tumors and all cancer cells,  grow in blood that is saturated with chemically contaminated food and drink. Add smoking, drugs, cosmetics, pesticides and environmental pollution of all sorts that gets into the bloodstream and your blood is a toxic sewer of disease.

The medical establishment routinely lies to people about the origin of disease and applies drug treatments that exacerbate the problem. Most natural compounds are anti-cancerous by virtue of there ability to cleanse (reduce the toxic load of) the blood. So the cancer cure is not unknown. Clean the blood of toxins and the body restores the immune system which cures cancer and all other diseases. All the money that is raised to find the cure for cancer and all the well meaning, but duped people, involved in cancer fund raising, are wasting their efforts and not helping anybody. Maybe it makes them feel better to participate in what most of the world believes is kind and benevolent, but the American Cancer Society is a front group for fraud and deception on a huge scale.

You don't believe it?    Go to the "Opt out of cancer"  site mentioned above and you will be convinced when you hear the truth about cancer.

Essential Oils are the Missing Link in Modern Medicine 

   Therapeutic-grade essential oils (properly distilled and free of pesticides, herbicides and other agrichemicals) and human blood have several common properties. They fight infection, contain hormone-like compounds and initiate regeneration. They are superior to drug therapies in many ways.


   A good example is illustrated in the following article:

    In May 2009, a U.S. Food and Drug Administration working group released a report urging stronger warnings and stricter dose limits for drugs that, like Tylenol, contain acetaminophen -- and hence may pose an increased risk of liver injury to those who use them improperly.

 The ironic thing is that the use of acetaminophen may not be the most effective way to stop headaches.  Here's why:  Headache pain does not originate from inside the brain.  The brain is incapable of feeling pain because it contains no sensory nerves.  The pain actually comes from tension in the outer linings of the brain, the scalp and its blood vessels and muscles.  Common tension headaches occur when the face, neck and scalp tighten up, and that tightening is often induced by stress.

Since headaches originate from the outer surface of the head, peppermint oil has been used to alleviate the pain.  German research headed by Dr. Hartmut Gobel shows that rubbing peppermint oil on one's forehead is just as effective in relieving headaches as taking a headache medication like Tylenol.  

     Researchers have long known that peppermint oil, whose main constituent is menthol, has an analgesic and cooling effect when applied on the skin.  Menthol calms and soothes the excited nerve fibers in the painful region and can quickly make the pain subside.

     Historians report that Gaius Plinius Secundus, better known as Pliny the Elder, a naval and army commander of the early Roman Empire, personal friend of the emperor Vespasian, and a writer and investigator of natural and geographic phenomena, recommended applying peppermint leaves to the forehead to treat headaches. 

     In 1996, the leading headache researchers at the Neurological Clinic at Christian-Albrechts University in Kiel, Germany showed clinical proof that peppermint oil applied to the forehead indeed reduces headache pain just as effectively as the standard dose of 1,000 milligrams of acetaminophen (or 2 tablets of Tylenol).  Dr. Hartmut Gobel's randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study also proved that peppermint oil is just as effective at relieving headaches as acetaminophen.

     In addition to relieving headaches, peppermint oil also has other therapeutic uses:

     ==> Helps relieve gas, bloating, nausea, cramping and stomach upset
     ==> Muscle tension and pain relief – since it increases the blood flow to the injured
            area, it aids in healing as well
     ==> Helps alleviate stress
     ==> Helps alleviate motion sickness
      and eases irritable bowel syndrome 

The Underground Health Reporter 

   Essential oils have the unique ability to penetrate cell membranes and diffuse throughout the blood and tissues. When topically applied to the feet or elsewhere, essential oils can travel throughout the body in minutes.

   Some essential oils, like clove, have the ability to decrease the viscosity of blood, and enhance circulation and immune function.

   Research indicates that when essential oils are diffused, they can increase atmospheric oxygen and provide negative ions, which in turn inhibits bacterial growth. Because of this ionizing action they can also break down potentially harmful chemicals and render them nontoxic.

   In the human body, essential oils stimulate the secretion of antibodies, neurotransmitters, endorphins, hormones and enzymes. They work as natural chelators, binding with heavy metals and petrochemicals and ferrying them out of the body in urine.  

   Essential oils are complex composites of hundreds of different compounds. These compounds work synergisticly so as not to bother your body's homeostasis. Synthetic compounds, on the other hand, have only one action and often disrupt  the body's natural balance.

Reversable ailments

There are a number of ailments that are lifestyle generated. The one that is epidemic right now is type 2 diabetes.  It is 100% reversible with proper diet, exercise and a change in a few habits.  The problem is that most people will be unwilling to make these changes. Apparently, they would rather be sick, go blind, take drugs, remain overweight,  or die young, rather than change their sick lifestyles.

Here are a few suggestions... Get rid of your microwave. It destroys food value, so anything microwaved is full of empty calories at the very least. Microwaves destroy enzymes, making it impossible for food to be properly digested, so your food does absolutely nothing for your body's nutritional needs. In fact, it requires energy to pass your intake of food through the digestive tract, leaving you with a deficit of energy, so you feel tired after you eat.

Secondly, you need 30-40 grams of fiber in your diet every day. The best way to consume the fiber you need is with whole foods, preferably organic. Search on line for a list of high fiber foods. This will make it possible to take a dump for every meal you eat.  Believe it or not; that will do wonders for your energy level.  Do not take pills of any kind to accomplish this except for a high quality probiotic (if you must). Counting grams of fiber is just as effective as counting calories.

Thirdly, you must drink plenty of  filtered water, not bottled water.  Drink 1/2 of your weight in ounces of water per day. The best way is to put about 1/2 lemon in a glass jug with the recommended amount of filtered water and drink  it all day long.   This, along with sufficient fiber will flush you out. It will also bring your PH up to a level that will help to keep you healthy and prevent kidney stones. Also, diabetics usually drink diet sodas. They are deadly. The only kind of healthy sweeteners are stevia, xylitol, and erythritol.

Fourth,  you need to go to and sign up for his free health newsletter, then take his free nutritional typing test. Then when you find out what your nutritional type is,  you should conform your diet to that guideline.  

Fifth, avoid all processed food, including white sugar and flour, eat only grass fed beef and fresh water fish (Although some rivers and lakes are contaminated with heavy metals In that case it is best to avoid big mouth fish). Salmon is excellent for omega 3's but only if it is wild caught. I saw some the other day that said it was Alaskan wild caught but processed in China. Avoid such as that like the plague.  Chicken is OK, if they are free range. If at all possible, eat only eggs from free range chickens and raw milk & cheese. Pasteurized and homogenized milk contain antibiotics and hormones and are devoid of the enzymes, vitamins and minerals needed to provide good nutrition.  Eat nothing from a box is a good general rule. Read the ingredients of everything you buy. If you can't pronounce it, don't eat it.

Sixth, you must exercise. A brisk 20 minute walk DAILY is the minimum. If that doesn't make you sweat, you need to increase it or pick an exercise that makes you exert yourself a little more. Sports are ideal. Tennis, volleyball, badminton or whatever.

Seventh, Consume a lot of the complex carbohydrates (mostly vegetables and a small amount of fruit) in the proper ratio needed for your nutritional type. Diets that don't differentiate between complex carbs (fruit and vegetables) and simple carbs (sugar, grain flours) are probably not going to help you.

Check with your doctor about reducing your medications after you have been observing this protocol for about 3 months. If you are not feeling better, having more energy than you have had in years and able to substantially reduce or eliminate medications, you probably have been cheating.  To get your weight under control, stick with these suggestions and begin counting calories. Limit yourself to 1500 calories daily. The pounds will fall off.

Other helpful things are to take a liver cleanse or a complete cellular cleanse, and see a good wellness physician. 

    Healthy, inexpensive cleanses include coffee and garlic enemas.  Yuck....I know, but it is surprising how effective they are at flushing heavy metals from your liver (everybody has some) and how much better that will make you feel. Enemas were routinely used in early treatment protocols for TB.  These protocols and their  beneficial effects are experiencing a comeback as the dangers of drugs are finally becoming better known.

Enemas should always be observed correctly. The use of organic coffee and garlic is esxsential and the timing is equally important. Use the internet to get some precise information.


 The Health Dangers of Too Much Acid

You may be shocked to learn that the link between acidity and disease has been recognized—and ignored—for decades. That's because the simple, proven solution has no profit potential for Big Pharma.

As far back as 1933, a forward-thinking New York doctor named William Howard Hay published his groundbreaking work, A New Health Era. After citing voluminous research, Dr. Hay concluded...

"All disease is caused by auto-toxication (self-poisoning) due to acid accumulation in the body."

More recently, Dr. Theodore Baroody shook the scientific community with his blockbuster book Alkalize or Die. Dr. Baroody presented shocking evidence that, "The countless names of illnesses do not really matter. What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause... TOO MUCH ACID IN THE BODY!"

Dr. Stefan Kuprowsky, a naturopathic expert, agrees. He explains that, "Acid wastes build up in the body in the form of cholesterol, gallstones, kidney stones, arterial plaque, urates, phosphates, and sulfates. These acidic waste products are the direct cause of premature aging and the onset of chronic disease."

Numerous Studies Have Confirmed...

...that even mild amounts of excess acidity can cause cardiovascular damage, dangerous constriction of blood vessels and oxygen starvation throughout your body... weight gain, obesity and blood sugar problems... and bladder and kidney conditions, including kidney stones.

Some of the world's most respected medical journals have covered the list of problems that can arise from an acidic pH level, including...

  • Muscular and skeletal wasting
  • Rapid breathing
  • Panic
  • Irritability
  • Low sex drive
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Mild headaches
  • Allergies
  • Acne

In his remarkable book, Hidden Truth of Cancer, Keiichi Morishita, M.D. shows why cells in an acidic body are the ideal breeding ground for abnormal growth. According to Dr. Morishita, when one of your cells is bombarded with acid, it either...

==> Survives, but suffers damage to the strand of DNA inside it which can cause it to begin multiplying wildly, or...

==> Deteriorates and dies, creating more acid in your body—which poisons even more cells... and raises your risk even higher!

The solution is clear: Restore a perfect pH balance in your body—lower your acid levels and raise your alkaline levels—and the deadly cycle can be broken!

The simple solution is to add 1/4 to 1/2 lemon squeezed into a gallon of water and drink it throughout the day.  Your PH should be around 7.  Litmus paper strips are available in most drug stores for testing your PH, but this should become a lifelong habit, because of the multiplicity of lifestyle habits that are responsible for acid in our diets.  PH is a measure of the base/acid ratio in the body.  An easy litmus paper test of the saliva is to place a strip on the tongue for about 10-15 seconds and compare the color to the chart that comes with the paper strip. A better way is to urinate on the litmus paper before eating anything when you get out of bed in the morning. The smaller numbers are relative to the color green and is the most acid. As your saliva becomes more basic, the color changes toward blue. 7 to 7.5 is what you are looking for. 

   This is my advice. I am not a doctor, but I have spent many years studying nutrition.

I take no drugs and I am in pretty good health for my age of 73. I have maintained my body weight at within 10 pounds of my weight at age 20...180 pounds at 5 ft. 11 inches. So take this advice for what it is...studied and practiced. 

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