This guy just looks like an old hippie, but he is an organic farmer, who tells it like it is. Our food supply is not healthy or sustainable. Since the 80's with the introduction of no-till farming, we have seen corresponding reduction of food quality and safety. Most produce purchased at grocery stores is grown with only 3 nutrients added by chemical fertilizers. This, along with double cropping, and no rest of croplands, as the Bible spoke of, has resulted in the stripping of all minerals from the soil. Add to that the genetically modified seeds, the dousing of all crops with pesticides and herbicides, processing, preserving, flavor enhancing and coloring of boxed and canned foods to name a few and you have food that is not just devoid of nutrition, but poisonous to our bodies. Americans are not living longer, contrary to what the medical establishment is touting. We are living in a generation where parents are outliving their children! Chronic disease and obesity is epidemic and doctors are attempting to treat the resulting malaise with drugs. What is really wrong with us is we are sick from the garbage we are eating. Garbage that tastes good is still garbage. 

The Real Thing    

Without a doubt, the majority of what goes into our bodies is food and water.  So...duh...what has the most effect on our health?  Stupid question...RIGHT!  Then why is so little attention paid to the quality and quantity of our food and water?  

    Until recently, almost no attention was given to these matters. Now, all of a sudden, it seems like people are beginning to notice; water is contaminated, so more of us are drinking bottled water, hydrogenated oil is causing heart disease and cancer, so even some states are requiring it's removal from foods. Organic foods are being sold in more grocery stores and in spite of the higher prices, some are buying them.

    Americans are obese!,  like that is some kind of surprise.  What can be expected of a people who are addicted to fast, convenient, out of a drive-up window or out of a box, food.

    Well, then things are getting better, right?  No!  We still rely too heavily on the people who are supposed to be looking out for the quality of food and water, to do their jobs.  They are not.  They have colluded with lobbyists, big business, politicians, wall street movers and shakers, multinational corporations, drug companies and anyone else that is willing, for a price, to exercise undo influence.  In short, we have been sold out.  Corruption is rampant in the food industry from the farmer to the grocer, from the chemical manufacturers to your water tap.  Nobody is looking out for you. So where does that leave us? It leaves us right where we ought to be...looking out for ourselves. 

So get started! Nobody, with possible exception of your mother, is looking after your health...and Mom probably has no clue of the dangers we all are exposed to from food industries and restaurants.

    I remember a movie made back in the 60's called "Death in Small Doses". It was about popping pills. Sure, most of us know that drugs are dangerous and the inevitable death that resulted from that habit in the movie was the result of a dangerous lifestyle...but do you realize poor eating habits, unfiltered water, fast food, over the counter drugs, food additives, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and many other things people consume regularly, with no thought at all, are just as dangerous.

    Question everything! Here is just one example: We eat for nutrition, right. What if I told you, one of your common practices destroys all food value in what you eat? Would you want to change your habits or just go "poo-poo" and ignore the warning. What do you suppose is going to happen to your health if all nutritional value of the food you eat is depleted.

I'll tell you, in case you don't know...DISEASE is the result. I'm not talking about colds and flu, although that is part of it. I'm talking about chronic disease like diabetes, cancer, heart disease...and resulting long term pain and suffering.

    If your body cannot metabolize the food you eat to sustain normal bodily function, human growth hormones cease to function and you begin to deteriorate. That is an over simplification, but the point is made. What is this common practice? It is the use of microwave ovens. It destroys enzymes that are responsible for the digestive process which breaks down food into components our cells can use. It is true the body produces enzymes, but they are largely synergistic and dependent on that interaction with food born enzymes for full realization of their purpose. So, when you buy processed food of any kind and stick it in the microwave to heat it up, you are killing it. It is dead... without any food value. What little food value has survived factory processing is surely killed in the microwave. This little blurb does poor justice to the level of danger this kitchen icon presents to your health.  A good toaster oven will do everything a microwave will.  It may be a little slower, but what are you willing to accept in exchange for your health?  My answer is "nothing!"   

Do you have harmful parasites in your body?  The Chek Institute says you probably do!  View 5 free videos starting here to see if you are one who does.

Upwards of 80% of food you buy in a store is genetically modified!!!   How can we avoid all these GMO's?   SEE THE ARTICLE...Click Here

If you are not familiar with GMO's and their danger, ... click here.

But we are told that vitamins can be dangerous!

Have you ever heard the following statements...?

"If you take an extra vitamin pill, it might be dangerous."
"Vitamins are like drugs so they should be regulated."
"If vitamins have therapeutic value, then they must be dangerous."

According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, during the last twenty-three years, there have been 10 deaths associated with vitamin supplements. That’s it. Less than one death per year -- and not even proven -- just suspected. In fact, there’s no scientific proof that vitamins can cause harm.

Compare that to the whopping total of 106,000 victims from lethal drug side effects per year -- and these were patients using prescription drugs as prescribed!

It’s well documented that medical doctors used high doses of vitamins back in the 1940’s to prevent and treat illness... that is, until it became frowned upon by Big Business. Dr. Linus Pauling, renowned two-time Nobel Prize winner is one of many physicians who successfully worked with high-dose supplementation.

From either food or supplements, natural vitamins enable your body to heal itself. Ideally, nutrients come from a healthy, natural diet complete with all the required vitamins and minerals. But, as you’ve seen, that’s not always possible. High quality supplements offer a next best option. Either way, they’re essential. (Dr. Joe Mercola)

Minerals are the focus of the great cycle of life. That cycle is - from dust (minerals) we come, and to dust we go. And so the quality of dust that comprises our body is actually the foundation of our health.

If you take away minerals, a person is hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen. Mineral transitional orbitsMinerals, because of their unique transitional orbital electron capabilities, provide molecular differentiation. They are what enable the molecules and cells of our body to function and to carry-out their unique roles.
Therefore, minerals make us! And the lack of minerals can also break us!
Your body can't manufacture minerals. You must obtain them from food or from supplements. The human body requires large amounts of some minerals, and trace amounts of others. Those minerals that are essential to health in relatively high amounts - Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulphur, Sodium, Chlorine, and Magnesium - are called macrominerals.
We also need trace minerals such as Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Iron, Chromium, Selenium, Iodine and Molybdenum, to name a few. Trace minerals are present in the body in minute amounts, but are just as essential to health as the major minerals.
One of the functions of minerals and trace minerals in the body is to activate enzymes. Magnesium, for example, activates over 300 different enzymes, while Zinc "turns on" over 100. Enzymes are catalysts, functioning in the cells to accelerate chemical reactions. All of these chemical reactions collectively are referred to as "metabolism", which is the very basis of life.
Babies Get Minerals From Their MomInterestingly, children, in most cases, get a good start in life, minerally speaking. As a baby grows inside its mother, its body takes a full complement of minerals from its mother's body (whether the mother wants this to happen or not), often leaving the mother's body depleted, for a long-time thereafter. This is a great gift from a mother to her child. Her baby is literally, bone of her bone, or mineral of her mineral. And,we are all, ultimately, children of the earth since the earth, ultimately, is the source of all of our minerals.

Minerals are an essential part of life, and are just as important to human life and health as is breathing.

Without minerals, vitamins would not work. Without minerals, enzymes would not work. Without these, we would all be instantly stone cold dead.

Without minerals, the body could not maintain pH balance. The body must maintain a very narrow-range, constant level of alkaline and acidity, or it stops functioning and dies.

Minerals are often referred to as electrolytes because minerals are the conductor to the electrical current in the body. If a person loses even a small amount of electrolytes (through food poisoning, for instance, that causes diarrhea), the number one concern of the doctors is to replace these electrolytes quickly. A deficiency in electrolytes, if not quickly corrected, will rapidly lead to death.

Minerals are the essential characteristic of each type of tissue in our bodies. They are what makes eyes, eyes, lips, lips, muscle, muscle, and so forth.

A deficiency in minerals is also one of the causes of auto immune diseases, because when the body needs to replace tissue cells and needs a specific mineral for that specific type of tissue, if there is none of that mineral available it may substitute another mineral, magnesium for zinc, for example. But, then the immune system may object to that incorrectly built cell and attack it. That's one of the reasons that auto immune disease is more prevalent in certain areas of the world where soils are deficient in some minerals.

Minerals Are Used Up Daily 

Minerals are used up as part of daily metabolic processes. If we don't eat enough minerals each day to replace the ones being used up, our mineral reserves will become depleted... leading to poor health as the ability at a cellular level to function correctly is lost.

Keep in mind that whenever a person is under stress, minerals are depleted more rapidly than normal because of the stress reactions, production of chemical messengers that tell the rest of the body about the stress (adrenaline for instance).

Also keep in mind that minerals are lost through perspiration as well. Athletes, in particular, are in extreme danger of mineral loss through perspiration simply because they exert themselves in training and competition so much.

Finally, a big way we lose minerals is by eating empty calorie foods. When we eat empty calorie foods, we use up minerals to digest and assimilate those empty calorie foods, but there are no incoming minerals in the foods. The result is net negative in terms of minerals. That's why it is so wise to retrain our brains to refuse to eat the Standard American Diet of carbohydrates and sugar.


Are you drugging your children?  You might say "How can you say that about us?  We love our children!"  Of course you do. but millions of well meaning parents are drugging their children at the behest of doctors and school administrations (according to IMS Health...a research firm).  At the exact age range that your children should be the healthiest, many are given drugs with dangerous side effects and unknown long term effects. These drug treatments will almost certainly result in chronic illness as they get older or a significantly shorter lifespan. See Dr. Mercola's comments about a Wall Street Journal article on this topic.

Take advantage of free water

Despite a very wet hurricane and much-needed rain across some parts of America, drought conditions still afflict 60.1% of the continental U.S., according to the Associated Press. This is far from a short-term anomaly that will even out over time.
In fact by 2025, analysts predict two-thirds of all countries will be handicapped by water stress. The situation is especially dire in China, which has its sights set on importing water from North America.
I have a few timely ideas that can enhance your personal water security in emergencies, cut your water bill to near zero, and give you a meaningful measure of independence from utility companies plagued by deteriorating infrastructure. Even if you're on a private well, learning these techniques can give you critical skills for establishing a back-up supply or for bartering.
Harvesting Rainwater and Snowmelt Is Simple and Effective...
Harvesting rainwater is sustainable and provides many rural communities around the world with both domestic and potable water. It's also something that's been practiced for over 4,000 years.
Establishing a rain (or snow) water harvesting system can improve your self-reliance in good times and bad. It's also a great way to cut costs and in most cases is more affordable than drilling or digging a well. In light of water shortages around world and a depreciating dollar, it can prove to be a prudent long-term investment. And in a true crisis, a gallon jug of clean water will prove to be a fantastic barter item.
One warning: some areas have weird laws about who "owns" the rain and snowmelt, Colorado and Oregon being two examples. In Oregon, for instance, state law says all water belongs to the government, and if you want "to divert or store it, you have to acquire a water right from the state," says Oregon Water Resources Department administrator Tom Paul. Actually, there is another concern and that is, if you live in the Midwest, where crops are typically sprayed by aircraft, even rainwater can be contaminated.
An Oregon man, Gary Harrington, was accused of diverting and storing tributary water into manmade ponds on his 175-acre property. Harrington argued the ponds were only catching and storing the rainwater and snowmelt that fell on his land. He lost the argument and spent 30 days in jail! Check your local area for ordinances and avoid nasty surprises. Or simply use common sense and don't go overboard; there are plenty of ways to collect and store water without excavating, building dams, or otherwise drawing undue attention to yourself.
The good news is, many municipalities encourage rainwater harvesting and even offer rebates. You can search for available rebates online by using the term – rain harvesting rebates – and your area.
Otherwise, you can easily find the equipment you need online or at your local hardware or department store, like Home Depot or Sears.
A Basic Rain Harvesting System That Works!
A basic system is a relatively easy and quick way to get started. The main idea is to catch the rain as it runs off your roof and guide it into a container. Do not use water collected from a roof for human consumption unless you've sanitized it, but it's great for watering your roses, your survival vegetable garden, and your fruit trees.
On a 1,000 square feet roof, a rudimentary collection system can yield about 623 gallons of water from 1 inch of rain. With this basic system and following proper water conservation methods (i.e. fixing leaks, drip irrigation, etc.), you could have enough water for your garden, washing your car, water for animals, and more.
At minimum you'll need:
  • A sloped roof;
  • Rain gutters;
  • Downspout;
  • A filter to keep out or minimize debris such as leaves from clogging your system;
  • A container for the water, like a trash can or barrel (rainwater barrels run about $100 retail, but savvy preppers look for discarded food barrels for a few bucks or even free);
  • Secure container cover or screen so mosquitoes don't breed in the water;
  • And a method to get the water in the container to where you need it. A pail, a hand or mechanical pump, or simply a gravity fed hose.
Can You Drink Rain Water? Yes, But...
If you want to use your rainwater for drinking and cooking (and brushing your teeth), you'll want to add a few important steps to your system, or hire an expert to do it for you. As you can guess, these steps involve better filtration and purification so it's safe to drink.
In addition to the steps above, many who use rainwater for drinking also utilize:
  • A Pre-Wash. The idea behind this step is to divert the first few gallons of rain water that washes off the roof containing bird droppings, chemical residue from pollution, sediment, etc., away from entering your water container;
  • Ceramic and Carbon Filters. High quality filters can remove inorganic chemicals and many biological dangers. Read the manufacturer's labels for details;
  • Purification. These methods include reverse osmosis and/or Ultra Violet (UV) light to make certain even the smallest biological threats, like viruses, are dealt with. Colloidal Silver has been used by NASA and many others to purify water for decades.
Some Portable or On-the-Go Ideas You Can Use in a Pinch...
Even if you're not planning on using your rainwater for drinking, or if your electricity goes down and your home water filtration system, such as the UV light and reverse osmosis, gets knocked offline, you may want to have a few back-ups ready:
  • Take the extra steps to keep your rain catchment system clear of debris and sediment, and protected from mosquito infestation. Even if you only plan to use the water in your garden, this will save you a few important steps if you run into a situation where you need the water for survival.
  • It may be handy to own one or more hand-held water purifiers, like the Katadyn, which is often sold for camping. You can also find gravity fed counter top versions, such as the Big Berkey, that can purify gallons of water without physical effort. Read the manufacturer's labels for effectiveness information.
  • Boiling water can help kill many biological dangers, but may not help with all chemical or radiological pollutants. You might consider using a solar oven to boil water and save on energy and fuel.
  • Distilling water and chemical treatment is proven effective for purifying water. Our Self-Reliance Mega Manual offers detailed instructions for different methods to distill water, and even how to use chlorine (not reccommended) or iodine to treat water for drinking.
Installing a basic rainwater and snowmelt harvesting system is a wise and inexpensive investment for the future. For a more advanced solution, consider installing a cistern, either underground or in your basement. Even a home sprinkler system designed for fire safety can serve double duty as a backup drinking water supply. Fire departments also use cisterns for water storage in areas that do not have public water lines or access to a fire pond.
An easier and cheaper option if you live in or near a rural area is to strike up a close relationship with a nearby farmer. Farms tend to have advanced and/or redundant water supply installations. Being able to barter your goods and services with a farmer could help you secure access to enough water to take care of your household should the need arise.
And if you ever consider buying a rural property as a bug-out location or for your retirement, take a look at farms; they are nearly always built on land that has proven water supplies. The landscape in many areas is dotted with old dairy farms or poultry farms that have seen better days; the cows and chickens may be gone, but it's a pretty good bet there's still a reliable water source on site.
If water conditions worsen, the cost of the equipment and hiring experts would only go up. It may be something to look into sooner, rather than later.
For Self-Reliant Living, 

Lee Bellinger, Publisher
Independent Living
P.S. – Every home should also have a colloidal silver generator kit which can be used to purify water and kill bacteria and viruses. Learn more by watching the video the FDA to ban.

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