Oils of the Bible

Perhaps the oldest references to the use of medinal plants is found in scripture. Reference is made to the precious nature of oils in Psalms 133:2

Their common use is impled in Eccleiastes 9:8. Incense was used to stop a plague in Numbers 16:41-50. Of course, we are not told if any medicinal properties were responsible, but it can be noted that aromatic oils can and do have healing properties that can be activated by inhaling their vapors.

Exodus 16:31 records the food God gave the Isrealites (manna) to be like coriander seed and honey. Maybe it is a coincidence, but coriander is known for it's antmicrobial function. The vitamins present in honey are B6, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and certain amino acids. The minerals found in honey include calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc. Honey is also a great antioxidant and natural preservative. It could be that God gave them just what was needed to keep them well for all time and added some miraculous properties to teach them obedience. Other instructions, such as washing and quarantine were apparently used that way.(both spiritual and practical applications)

The magi from the east of Bethlehem brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrh to baby Jesus, indicating a value of the oils on a footing with gold. (Matthew 2:11)

Mary, in John 12:3 used a very costly pound of spikenard oil to annoint the feet of Jesus.

Just look at a Bible concordance for the many references to oils and you can observe their great value among peoples of that time. The art and practice of refinement from plants is even offhandedly referenced in Ezekiel 47:12.

Those who refined the oils were known as perfumers. They were assigned a special task of making a holy oil for the Isrealites following the Exodus from Egypt. (Exodus 30:22-38) Exactly what qualities this oil blend possessed will probably never be known; perhaps because of some supernatural properties God applied to the mixture or because of the strange prohibition to the Isrealites not to copy the formula or use it in a way not prescribed.

 Any given essential oil may contain anywhere from 80 to 300 or more different chemical compounds. Their theraputic action varies, depending on the chemistry, the distillation method, the soil where the plant was raised, the climatic conditions, time of harvest, storage practices, freshness, etc. This partly explains why these substances cannot be synthesized, but there is more to it then that. Their chemical components can be discovered by modern methods of analysis, but still escape the chemist's effective duplication.

The chemical components of the most simple living cell are known, yet no one has been able to build one. 

 The manifold effectiveness of essential oils comes from a unique ability to penitrate cell membranes and diffuse through the blood and tissues. They stimulate the secretion of antibodies, neurotransmitters, endorphins, hormones, and enzymes. When diffused, they can increase atmospheric oxygen, and provide negative ions. which,in turn, inhibit bacterial growth.

Almost 100% of domestic production of essential oil is adulterated with extenders of one kind or another. Any so-called 100% essential oil found in stores is probably useless because of improper distillation methods, synthetic ingredients and contamination of one kind or another.

There are relatively few organically raised and properly distilled producers of essential oils in this country. One you can have confidence in is produced by the Gary Young farms. (Young Living Essential oils)

These oils have a kind of "living energy" that provides the most effective natural wellness solutions available anywhere .

I personally believe it is a shame that people who are sick usually rely on someone whose interests are purely commercial (most doctors) and have no moral compass at all.  Their entire reliance on others to care for their health places them at risk for a lifetime of misery.  Of course, you might be thinking..."How are you any different?" ...

And who can blame you.

I see people giving to cancer research, thinking that it is certainly a worthy cause.  I ask myself..."Why havn't they found the cure for cancer?"  It has been ages since these research foundations have been established. (such as the American Cancer Society in 1913)  What progress has been made?  The answer is..if they found the cure, they would be out of a high paying job. The truth is, they routinely shelve natural cures because they cannot make money on them. All of their efforts are concentrated on finding drug cures.  They do use natural substances as a base for many so-called medicines, but they isolate one or more of the compounds in the plant or herb, synthesize it, produce a product with some efficacy, but lose the synergistic value of the multiple compounds in the natural form and it's healing essence is totally lost in the manufacturing process. This approach will never heal anything.

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